Robert Colton, best-selling author

Ten years of work went into my first manuscript, and despite my efforts, I still hadn’t written the book I wanted to write. I knew I needed help, someone to point me towards the shore. Matt proved to be the beacon I was looking for.

Matt offered to work in stages with me to explore my manuscript and determine what worked and what didn’t work. Writing is such a personal craft, and the story that is in your mind isn’t always the story that makes it onto paper. Matt quizzed me on the motivation of my characters and helped my realize how to better tell my story.

After working with me and understanding my goals, Matt was able to point out what I was blind to. While I had wanted to write a mystery, I had merely written a piece of historical fiction that had a murder victim and an unknown killer involved in the story, yet the air of suspense was absent. Matt explained to me what was lacking and together we figured out how to weave the element of mystery I was looking for into my tale.

Matt was my bridge from wanting to be a writer to becoming a writer.