Pro tip # 10

“Never use passive voice” is some of the worst advice out there. Passive voice is used in all kinds of effective writing, and has its place. Cartoon by Matt Groening

Pro tip # 8

Head-hopping is only good for fleas and body snatchers. Limit access to characters’ thoughts to one per chapter. Unless you are Bernard Malamud, and then you can do anything.

Pro tip #4

Action in writing is not car chases, explosions, or gunfights. Action is a character acting on a decision about how to get what they want.

Pro tip # 3

You often hear the adage ‘write what you know’ in writers’ workshops. This is inevitably misinterpreted as ‘write about yourself’. Rather, it should go: ‘write what you know interests you‘.

Pro tip # 2

Never set your fantasy novel before or after the ‘Elven Wars’. I don’t know why fantasy writers always have their elves warring, but we’ve seen this too many times.