Pro tip #4

Action in writing is not car chases, explosions, or gunfights. Action is a character acting on a decision about how to get what they want.

Pro tip # 3

You often hear the adage ‘write what you know’ in writers’ workshops. This is inevitably misinterpreted as ‘write about yourself’. Rather, it should go: ‘write what you know interests you‘.

Pro tip # 2

Never set your fantasy novel before or after the ‘Elven Wars’. I don’t know why fantasy writers always have their elves warring, but we’ve seen this too many times.

Pro tip # 1

If you write mystery series, up your author profile by writing a how-to guide. With that in mind, here’s the cover for Robert Colton’s  Manuscript to Murder: How to Write a Whodunnit. Doubly exciting, Robert has asked us to write the forward. The book is expected to be available in February of 2017. UPDATE: available … More Pro tip # 1