Effective, stealth manuscript critiques

You’ve written a fiction or narrative nonfiction manuscript and you know it’s good. Your friends think so. Your spouse thinks so. Your cat is a solid supporter. Everybody says that you should get it published. You’ve tried, of course, but it keeps getting returned with form letters of rejection. They are good to cry into, but don’t tell you much about where the story went wrong, or why that gatekeeper stopped reading. An edit by a qualified editor is super expensive, and right now you just want an honest opinion from a professional about your work. That’s where a manuscript critique, novel critique, or manuscript assessment, is your best, most cost-effective option.

A manuscript critique from Manuscript Critique Ninja provides insight into all elements of craft from a writer and editor with over 20 years of experience. With training at New York publishing houses and agencies, experience at literary reviews and independent publishing, and acclaim as a writer, Manuscript Critique Ninja is a stealth partner in the writing process.

As a beta reader for hire, I don’t just draft a diagnostic editorial letter, I also provide creative recommendations for resolving problems.

My tastes and specialties are broad: from crime to historical fiction; from horror to literary projects, I am an avid reader of both genre and literary fiction. In terms of non-fiction I am well-read in the area of memoir, biography, true crime, and popular culture.

I am temporarily offering a full manuscript critique at the low fee of 795 USD. See here for conditions and other rates.

I also offer short story critiques at a significant discount to my full manuscript critique rate.

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