Frank Freudberg, author of Baby Please Don’t Go

Highly, highly recommended. When I sent my manuscript to Matt Henderson Ellis for a critique and feedback, I feared he’d come back to tell me that the story was broken, the writing was terrible and the characters lame. I worried about that because I believed it was all true. What I got back from Mr. Ellis was a gentle confirmation of my worst fears. I also got back an incredibly insightful critique. And I got even more than that: Mr. Ellis spelled out the exact nature of the problems in a way that I had been unable or unwilling to see. He provided clear revision suggestions, citing specific passages from the manuscript along with a strategy to evolve the story from its then current state into a viable manuscript that I could immediately begin to work on. It was like he’d been reading the manuscript for years. After I put in some long hours and after I solicited additional feedback and did another round of editing and revising, later that year, I published my book on Amazon. As of now, the book has earned a 4.1 rating on Amazon, garnered 170 reviews, and created a small but growing fan base. I make a small but steady income from the book. For an honest critique of your work along with truly helpful suggestions on improving it, Matt Henderson Ellis is the man to work with.