How does a Manuscript Critique Work?

It’s crucial to have somebody who can read your novel or narrative nonfiction manuscript from the perspective of a writer who knows craft, but also has an eye on the publishing world.

Once we agree to work together, you send me me your double-spaced manuscript saved in Word. I will get back to you within a week (depending on my workload) with a 6 – 8 page editorial letter that will assess your project from all angles of craft, including but not limited to: conflict, stakes, narrative perspective, pace, consistency in theme, character, tone, and commercial viability. Aspects of dialog, description, exposition, credibility, resolution and overall readability will be taken into account in the editorial letter. Alternatively, we can arrange a time to SKYPE. You are free to write me with follow-up questions regarding the manuscript critique.

I act as a dispassionate but supportive critical eye, a reader who can give you insight into what you have written and in what direction to take it.