Manuscript critique vs. full edit

Why a Manuscript Critique is a Better Choice Than a Full Edit:

Most writers just jump in and hire an editor. This can cost thousands of dollars, and in most cases leaves the writer with a very tidy, typo-free pile of unpublishable paper. The truth is, however, that if your manuscript is viable for publication, you shouldn’t be the one paying for the copy-edits. The publishing company will do that. It’s what they are there for.

A manuscript critique, which is significantly less expensive than a full edit, will address the problems that are keeping your story from having its maximum impact. And with publishers and agents, you want your story to be captivating from the first page, then hold their attention all the way through. Copy-editing a poorly structured story is like painting a condemned building.

A manuscript critique–also known as a manuscript assessment or manuscript appraisal–will address issues of story, character, pace, and so much more⎯all the things agents and publishers are looking for.  It will give prescriptive suggestions and even assess its commercial viability.

If you are self-publishing, then sure, getting the fully loaded package makes sense. But most people spend money on small grammar fixes before addressing the real structural issues in their projects, and what happens to that costly edit when you need to rewrite material?

Just food for thought. If you are interested in how much a manuscript critique costs, have a look here.

– Matt